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In today’s world of automation, IT forms the backbone of every business and the main source of operational efficiency, it is imperative that the company’s product/system is ONLINE and available to its customers at all times. Our end-to-end quality assurance service helps you optimize the product’s or application’s functionality, performance and accessibility across a myriad of platforms.


System Testing
We test the entire system to evaluate the system’s compliance with the desired functionality.

System Integration Testing
In the real world, systems interact with various other systems. We test software system components and their coexistence with other systems.

Regression Testing
Changes to any system are an ongoing occurrence. Regression testing ensures that the product or application rightly adapts to the growing system. We offer both manual and automated regression test suites.

User Acceptance Testing
Our techno-functional team ensure that the testing is done from the client’s business perspective. A thorough testing is done considering business scenarios most relevant for the client’s business.

Automated Testing
It is a process in which software tool is used to execute pre-scripted test cases. This speeds up the, otherwise labour intensive testing process.


Performance Testing
Testing the product or application to ensure that they perform beyond their expected workload. This includes:

  • Load Testing:checks the application’s ability to perform under anticipated user loads
  • Stress Testing: determines the maximum load bearing capacity of the application
  • Endurance Testing: stability of application examined over an extended period of time
  • Spike Testing: impact of a sudden increase in load, abnormal conditions is examined
  • Volume Testing: testing the performance of the application with high volumes of data

Usability Testing
Testing the application to check how easy it is for the end-user to learn and use it. This includes testing the application for:

  • Learnability
  • Efficiency
  • Memorability
  • Error Handling
  • End-user Satisfaction

Compatibility Testing
To verify whether the application interacts and functions as expected with required software-hardware combination. This includes:

  • Cross platform testing i.e. Windows-Linux, etc.
  • Cross browser testing i.e. Firefox, Chrome
  • Testing on cloud-based and dedicated server-based environments


Web Service Testing 

  • Determine the operations that particular web service provides
  • Determine the XML request and response format
  • Using a tool or writing code to send request and validate the response

Mobile App Testing 

  • Testing of Native, Web and Hybrid apps
  • End-to-end application testing on a wide range of devices as well as on emulators

Security Testing

  • Thorough analysis of the security of your application against well-known or potential vulnerabilities
  • Testing of basic security scenario’s like password encryption, authentication and authorization
  • Advanced level security verification by URL manipulation and penetration testing



Business certainty in alignment with business & IT objectives and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


Faster time-to-market and increased productivity through accelerated methodologies – reuse and automation strategies – comprehensive testing solutions and best practices


Improved Software Quality, Reliability and Predictability through established test processes and knowledge management


Reduction in the Total Cost of Quality through proven test methodologies