About us | Overview

Dataction is a dynamic analytical solutions company with a proven expertise in Procurement Analytics, Testing and Support & Data Analytics. It has received several accolades for empowering its clients – also including a Fortune 500 group – to take cognitive business-critical decisions, leveraging its inherent ability to spot patterns and establish deeper insights.

It delivers pragmatic and affordable services based on its in-depth knowledge of industry trends and leveraging the experience of managing similar assignments. With Dataction, the clients achieve their business objective through enhanced efficiency, credibility and optimised costs.

Be it executing the business continuity functions or high-end strategic consulting, We have a consultative approach with brutal focus on facts and figures.

Approach is what makes us different!

Dataction’s solution portfolio includes:


Procurement Analytics

World-class, flexible & configurable services to support Procurement Teams drive savings and improve efficiency.


Testing & Support

Superior Quality Control, Techno-functional expertise across industries and responsive customer support management.


Data Analytics

Cost-effective and efficient solution to maximize value from the incumbent systems and the underlying data.