About us | Life at Dataction

At Dataction, we believe in inclusive growth. Through our growth trajectory we will never lose focus on you as an individual and you would in turn never lose focus on your learning and growth.  You will be presented with ample opportunities to learn new skill sets and horn your existing skills. Interaction with global clients will help you develop a global approach and add a new dimensions to your personality.


Something that we really do well is to put our heads down and work really hard. Our team understands the twin dimension of ‘timepiece’ – it’s the most important thing in world when the client deliverables are due and it’s a myth when we put in long hours!


We do not believe in postponement of life. We are prompt when it comes to work as well as when it’s time for celebration. We have several high-points through-out the week at Dataction. Every successful delivery or every pat on the back by our client is celebrated. Regular outings, adventures and social meet-ups help the team members to know each other very well. Therefore, every team member works in synergy with the other.